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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Almost A Footballer's Wife

After our night of nights on Saturday night, we decided to take it relatively easy and really mix it up with the locals of Sala Baganza at the corner bar/cafe/hotspot, which is a very convenient, stone's throw from my residence.

Bar Rocca is akin to the coffee shop in Erinsborough on Neighbours. The punters were many and varied: a group of out of towners, an old man sleeping in a chair, a man off to the hot location of Griffith in the not too distant future, an old guy that bought us some drinks, the token asian local and the gent a few beers short of a six pack that circled us like a shark before gaining the courage to talk to us. There was also the young contingency with more than a few gorgeous guys sniffing about. Contact was made with the young crew and I think I will definitely be popping in there in the future.

We returned last night to the original crime scene from Saturday night, this time it was sans the rugby team and their lesbian friends. However, we were informed by the manager that the two attractive, fellow diners were famous players in the Parma soccer side. Much to our dismay were informed after they had departed, but meeting them is definitely on my 'to do' list. Move over Tanya Turner! I'm almost a Footballers Wife!

Sadly, Emma has taken off for the slopes of Torino for her Olympic stint but hopefully I'll be dragging myself up there at some stage to destroy my liver a little more and check out a couple of events. Bring it on!

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