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Monday, November 07, 2005

Frolicking In the Autumn Mist

Since the weather was so GLORIOUS over the weekend, one simply couldn't go past frolicking. So frolick I did!

Here are a few likes and dislikes of the weekend.

Loves it!
  • Chocolate
  • The chocolate fair (I was going to take pics of the chocs for here but I ate them already)
  • The weather (as previously stated)
  • Mushroom hunting
  • Ponying in the middle of the road like a runway super mwardel (with a bag full of freshly hunted mushrooms)
  • Cheese & food in general
  • Driving
  • The Italian CD we listened to

Hates it!

  • The little girl at dinner on Saturday night that kept staring at moi.
  • The very hot, unpeeled prawns that caused my fingers to blister
  • The pile of sh*t I sank into before going mushroom hunting
  • German MTV programmers - what's with showing the European MTV Awards FOUR FREAKING NIGHTS IN A ROW???? (For some reason I can only get German TV on the TV in my room) I'm surprised the peeps in Germany haven't started riotting as well.

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