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Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Virtual Arguement

Last night I think I may have just had my first fight / disagreement with 'Virgil', my virtual boyfriend(term used loosley). Product Number One from Internet Dating Stage One Phase. Now, Virgil is one I admit to actually liking. I think that last night's banter of Stage Two being about 'penpals' got me a tad fired up. Teamed with a couple of glasses of red and Virgil being on msn messenger you could not want for a more inviting concoction to spark an arguement.

The first thing, you knowing me knowing you, that springs to mind is 'And who's fault was it?'
'Not fucking mine!' is the resounding response voiced by Your's Truly.

Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. No?

So we met on an internet site. Even after watching 'e-love', like a fucking mad bitch on the TV, did I not believe that two peeps could possibly meet via the internet. I had seen Gaydar (being a fag hag) in action but seldom had I thought this modus operandus might actually work for The Cherry. This post is proof that I must eat my words, for that is the actual method for moi meeting Virgil. It was through a sex site, that I accidentally joined (hindsight being the wonderous thang that it is), that we met. I must say, since, I have had one fabulous experience with the 'Virgil' in question. At any given time I love him (strong word and not meant in the literal sense)....... I loathe him (strong word again, but oh so true), I like him, I dislike him, yet I always find myself drawn to him 'Like flies to dog shit, seagulls to a are the Days of Our Lives'. Am I addicted to him? Or just desperate? I ponder the thought.......and welcome your's.............

Now that you have a general feel for this 'interlude/relationship/cum-what-may' (for want of better words) I will proceed to delve into the, somewhat, hazy details of last night's 'discussion'. I'll start by saying how well we get along, and that over the past few months I think, on my part, it has most deifinitely gone beyond those sexual urges and turned into friendship.

So we start chatting, we get to know each other. We're on a daily basis sign in scenario:
'Hey there!'
'What's happening?' etc.

And so on and so forth. Developments. sms. Correct. There is the exchange of the mobilious cellphonius numerosus.

There have been several occasions where this young gun likes to project his 'wealth of corporate knowledge' onto me. Maybe it's my insecurities, but more than a few times (read four) he has implied that I really would have no idea what he is going through / what he means. Last night was the fourth time that he had started on with this bullshit (I still have bite marks in my tongue from the previous three times....).

This was the catalyst for my volcanic eruption of home truths. I think the use of 'volcanic eruption' is waaaaay too strong, but it does illustrate my spewing forth of truths. I ended up telling him that he often says things that imply that I would have no idea what he was talking about. He expressed surprise. 'It's happened so many times before' I typed. 'Really?' he was perplexed (to use his word). 'I had no idea'

'I worked in the corporate world for ten years prior to now before opting out. You really don't know the first thing about me, yet you jump to the conclusion that I know not what THOU speaketh of!'

He apologised profusely. In all seriousness, this was acutally the last thing I needed, purely because it prompted me to carry on. So carry on I most certainly did! And really, why not? Why, I questioned, had we been carrying on this pseudo-affair when, in fact, there was never any intention to to meet?

So I ended up really taking the torch to town and suggested a meeting (FYI I'm not the first to suggest this), stating (refer to previous post) that what was the point of being penpals with webcam if there was no intention of ever meeting? The arguement carried on for quite some time.

Anyway, I think perhaps I should just stop reading too much into this and relax. If we meet,we meet......

End of Story.

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