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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Moulin Rouge - Take One

Hello once again avid readers.

Well, it's the Final Countdown! With just two short weeks left until the action really gets under way! The action being heading to gay Paree for three days and then back to Australia for three weeks of Fun in the Sun! Oh, did I forget to mention that I'll be wandering the streets of Milan aimlessly whilst waiting for my flight home? By that I do literally mean wandering the streets for a few hours in the middle of the night. I've been known to exaggerate in the past but this time I am not. I think that will be one of the highlights of the adventure, just quietly.

This weekend I jetted off to Italy and checked out the new scenario and I must say I was definitately loving the scenery, so to speak. The land of HQHW's really looks like a land of opportunity and I'd like to take the title of The Lucky Country from Australia and hand it over to Italy. Given the amount of good looking peeps roaming the country there, anyone that lives there, or even spends time there, should consider themselves extremely lucky indeed! It was suggested to me by The Wench that I accost a couple of the best looking specimens and take them home as pets. Something I'll be looking into in the future.

After getting back from Italy I stayed in Paris the night. I was kind of tired but at the last minute, had a change of heart, threw on the glad rags and jumped in a cab en route to Le Moulin Rouge. Show time! Or so I thought....... The guy at the hotel told me I could simply purchase a ticket there once I arrived. When I did arrive and made my way through the throngs of peeps, tour buses with geriatrics snapping away and the cops, I wondered if he meant I could get tickets after lining up for an hour in the kilometre long queue on the footopath. I aborted the mission after the guy said the show was sold out and went and had a drink. I shall book next time! Stand by for Moulin Rouge - Take Two.

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