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Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Mother Tongue & I

Looks like my Mother Tongue and I have landed a gig moolighting as an English Teacher. Right time, right place, a few brain explosions later and it's game on for Cherry and the English Grammatical Regime.

I'm really trumping it up though and making out like it has been a walk in the proverbial park or should that be the 'perfect past continuing with future conditional using a modal auxiliary and an if clause in a passive sense with no agent' park?

May well you laugh, dear reader, but the past few days I truly have felt that my brain would explode. It amazes me that I would find myself in a foreign country, not only attempting to learn their language but also my native english. I remember when I got here to check out the scenario with my other job before giving it the green light and Pam kept on about all of this 'You know when it's perfect present but then it changes to perfect present continuing.....?' .....'Dah! No. Sorry Pam, can't help you there. No idea what you're talking about.' Now I do.....kind least I'm about to find out and be able to rattle it off like my Italian friend.

Anyway, just when I thought the brain explosions were about to hold a ceasefire, I'm going into training tomorrow. It's training on actually HOW to teach which will come in very handy and it's going for three days. I can only imagine my excitement/stress levels at the end of the third day if the past few days of trying to complete the thirty questioons in the 'grammar review' are anything to go by. I'm donning the combat gear, war paint and commando rolling in there ready to face the grammatical warfare that lies ahead!

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