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Monday, September 12, 2005


Hi! I'm an Australian living in Denmark working as an au pair. I have decided to start this blog so I don't have to email every Tom, Dick & Harry the same thing over and over (the cut and paste function has been getting a workout). How long this lasts for, only time will tell. It really depends on if I get bored of it, my life here turns out to be so boring that I never have anything or if I get 'bloggers block'.

The family I am living with has a whopping five, yes five, children. Sometimes I wonder why I have put myself in this situation......Five children to look after, a big 200 year old house to clean and no Danish ability whatsoever. I am slowly learning some though, thanks to the little ones. Reading and writing it will prove to be much more difficult than speaking it. It's a strange language with a few extra letters thrown into the alphabet mix, silent letters here there and everywhered (that was a silent 'd' on the end there for extra effect and a touch of Danish style) and, this is my favourite, d's that are pronounced as an 'l'. Let me give you an example: the word 'what' in Danish is 'vad'. But it is not pronounced 'vad' it is pronounced 'vel'. Who'd have thought?!?! This is no language for the faint hearted, but I am up for the challenge!

Stay tuned to hear about the adventures of this little Aussie battler as she attempts to keep it real in a viking inspired fashion................

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